About Life Christian Foundation USA

Our Mission

LCF USA facilitates Christian-based programs for young people from the United States to South Africa, providing them with training, opportunities, cultural immersion, and authentic intentional experiences that will allow them to be used to the fullest as instruments in God’s Kingdom.

We do this by:

  • Arranging short-term missions and outreach trips to South Africa.
  • Hosting internship and study abroad programs in South Africa.
  • Hosting discipleship training programs in South Africa.
  • Hosting team-building programs in South Africa.
  • Hosting vision and training trips for South African students in the USA.
  • Raising financial, prayer, and ministry support for the Kingdom Business School in George, South Africa
  • Raising financial, prayer, and ministry support for Grace Like Rain, an orphan ministry in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Kingdom Bussiness School

The 2022 YearBook

Get Involved

LCF USA also facilitates donations, contributions, and networking platforms from the USA to various partnering ministries and welfare organizations in South Africa.

Get involved by making a trip to South Africa as part of one of our programs. This will be a life changing, and enriching journey that will be remembered for a lifetime.

If you are supporting a missionary, or a gap season youth going to South Africa with O4 Adventures, or would like to donate to any of our partner ministries:

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We Partner with the following organizations:




We Partner with the following organizations:

His House

His House is the facility where we host most of our South African programs.

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Short term Missions

For more than 10 years, LCF USA has put together short-term ministry and outreach trips to South Africa. Our group sizes vary from 4 to 20 people and can be student groups, multi-generational church groups, men’s teams, etc.

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Kingdom Business School

A Christian Entrepreneurial educational and development school.

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O4 Adventures

LCF USA Partners with O4 Adventures to provide gap seasons, discipleship training, and vocational internships in South Africa, combining intentional spiritual and personal development with meaningful adventure in some of the most beautiful parts of South Africa.

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Program Directors

The Boshoff Family

Living in the USA. They find purpose in facilitating meaningful and lasting connections with people from all nations. For more than ten years they have worked closely with the Olivier family in developing tour programs and hosting groups from across the USA and South Africa. They Act as coordinators of tours, adventure experiences, and educational events.

The Olivier Family

Based in South Africa and as a family has led and hosted extensive adventure and educational groups over a period of ten years. They have originated diverse tours, training, and special entrepreneurial events, attracting hundreds of visitors. They are nature-loving people with a passion for education, training, entrepreneurship, and adventure.